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 Mickey the Incredible

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PostSubject: Mickey the Incredible   Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:46 am

Name: Mickey

Age: 23
Birthday: March 24

Gender: Male


Rank: Chunin

Village: Konoha

Element: Wind

Specialilty: Ninjutsu, Weaponry

Mickey is a real man with a lot of flair. He's boastful, sociable, and all around a very joyful guy. He's got an immense fighting spirit; faking out some boxer punches while in his chair while hop-jogging as a daily routine. He is a proud Konohagakure ninja and truly believes in the Will of Fire, wishing to be born nowhere else in the world. Mickey does his best to encourage others and make himself out to be a friend and a hero. He is tolerant of behavior towards his speech patterns, for he is well aware and has accepted that his speech disorder is something that is unappealing to those who he talks to. He is equally tolerant to those who are very iffy about his gender complexity. However, if they poke fun at him (like really poke fun at him), he'll get mad and rage on his offenders. Mickey's rage is the side of him that has resented "normal" society. It is the monster within him that has rejected everything that is looked to be typical, average, and trendy. Mickey can get very mad, in which his body and mind may go wild with a berserker-like bloodlust, and he allows this anger to bash his opponents in.

The Birth of Mickey, It's Not A Boy or A Girl......:
He was born to a wealthy family - Josuke Yusuke and Jolyne Nijimura. Josuke was a noble and a merchant, while his mother was a top-class innovator. On the morning of his birth, there was obviously something wrong with the baby. He had a clitoris that was almost big enough to be the beginning of a penis, one ovary, and only one testicle. The doctors told the new parents that there was something wrong with the child. "We don't know what it is" they had said. It was only a week after his birth did they tell the Yusuke family that their child was an "IS", an intersexual, a very rare genetic case. No more than seven occurences of such a thing were recorded. They explained to them that their child was not really a male or a female, but rather both. Josuke was confused and felt frustrated. The doctors advised them that they can raise the baby to be either or. Jolyne was not as irritated as her husband, rather she adored her newborn, but was still confused. Together they named him with a simple but extraordinary name - Mickey, after the main character of a play that the couple saw in their youth about a boy who can turn into a girl and embarked on a journey to grow up to be a man.
It wasn't until Mickey was 2, right after he learned how to walk, did another disorder afflict him. He lost control over his right leg. Initially, it spased out until it finally stopped moving altogether - stiff. The doctors examined that he had a case of cerebral palsy, and although his leg would move now and then of its own accord, Mickey probably wouldn't even feel it at all. His parents planned to devise a mechanism. Something that would help Mickey up on his own. They began their plans to engineer something that would give Mickey the life that he should have had back. At the age of 4, another disorder unraveled. Building from his cerebral palsy, he developed a disorder in his left jaw, which severely hindered his speech. This put an immense burden on their family, who believed that Mickey is bad for them, but they didn't know what to do with him.
His parents, although they lost hope, still refused to give up on him. They taught him how to walk and practiced speech therapy with him, so he can learn to speak better. They put him on crutches, and although Mickey was able to blend in with the public as a cripple, the neighbors could tell that there was something wrong with his mouth.
Mickey grew up to be an intelligent boy. He was smart - born that way in fact. He had a higher level of creativity and genius than most boys his age. This was displayed through his comprehension in reading and vocab. One day, Mickey sneaked out on his own during the bright day, and stumbled upon the Ninja Academy. Amazed at the masses of students and the ninjutsu they were learning, he returned to home saying that he wanted to be a ninja. His parents laughed and said that that's not a path that Mickey should take. Mickey relented and to show off how serious he is, he spent several months on his own learning the Bunshin no Jutsu. When he displayed his clones in front of his parents, they were convinced that Mickey may have some ninja talent in him after all and enrolled him in at the age of 6, after furious debate.
Although the kids saw that he was different, Mickey's sociability attracted him some friends who'd tag alongside him on the way to home. He was very honest and chattery, which a few of the boys admired about him. However, many made fun of him because of his "dead" leg and how he talks funny. None of them dared to beat him up though, for they feared that the nobles would come after them. He took all of this and angered, often yelled at the boys who bullied him, which did tarnish his reputation. Mickey practically dedicated his life to studying then. He'd read all of the ninja books and spent the next years utilizing basic Ninjutsu. He was able to do all of this by the age of 8, survived the Academy, and deemed to be good enough to pass on to the Genin ranks.

Genin Arc, The Controversy:
He joined a 3-man team and began his ninja life. He developed the wind affinity and garnered a knack for weaponry skills. As he trained and fought with crutches, Mickey slowly realized that his hand seal speed was getting faster and that things around him seemed slower. Eventually, he realized that his reaction time was way faster than anyone else around him, to the point that he can casually snatch kunai thrown at him at full speed from Genin with his bare hands. This earned Mickey quite a remarkable reputation. He was known in the minds of his class generation as the crippled kunai-timer. His ability to cast Ninjutsu from handseals were so fast that not even his sensei could tell if Mickey had made a full seal or not.

His fame did not last long, though. After his 8th mission, Mickey, caught up in his fame, showered with the boys, completely revealing his naked body. Every single boy in the room saw that he had a vagina-like slit and a very small shmuck that could hardly be described to be a penis. His genitals were completely different from every single other boy. All of them pointed this out. Mickey was extremely embarassed, broke to tears, and hopped his way out of the room. Along the way, he fell and injured himself, incuring an infection. His parents, dismayed, took him to the hospital, for a doctor to check up on him. Unfortunately, the usual doctor was absent and another doctor took a look at Mickey. Shocked by Mickey's intersexuality, he invited every other doctor in the hospital to take a look at this rare case, all of whom who have never and who probably will never see such rarity again in their lives. When Josuke found out, he broke the nose of every doctor in the hospital. The ninja police arrested him and put him in jail for a year. However, after reviewing the case, it was decided that Josuke can get out several months early.

On his 10th birthday, his parents presented him with the technologically-revolutionized wheelchair that they had worked eight years to create. The family had funded the project and poured a lot of their money into it for their son, which practically sapped away their wealth and turned them for the most part to average-income citizens for a while. This did not matter to Josuke or Jolyne, who proudly sat Mickey on the wheelchair, and for the first time in his life Mickey felt an unparalleled level of confidence.

On his return to active duty, Mickey surprised his teammates with his new "look". He assured that that no matter what they do, from now on, he's gonna take them all the way to the top. When the team had completed enough missions, they entered the examinations. Using his wheelchair's technology, he was able to peek into the answers of other students after he figured out the reason behind the examination, although he knew most of them already. The Forest of Death is where Mickey's genius perceptions and combat skills shown. By observing the natural terrain and how the animals around have evolved, he was able to formulate several tactics for trapping and ambushing. With Mickey's ingenuity, they were able to collect a scroll from an enemy team who had fallen for the trap and advanced to the 3rd round. Mickey lost the 3rd around against a skilled Kugutsu master.

He returned to the Chunin Exams again, this time, with an improved condition. With the technological versatility of his wheelchair and Mickey's brain, he was able to make it all the way to the 3rd round. Facing against a decently talented Kumogakure ninja, Mickey was able to confuse him with the unpredictable motion of his wheelchair, and landed four kunais on his back. The ninja insulted Mickey and mocked him for his little chair-y, which provoked Mickey to the extreme. He responded by nuking him with two exploding kunai tags before the ninja can react which burned him severely. Several proctors had to hold Mickey back from killing him. Mickey regained his composture on the 4th round, and his opponent took him more seriously. But he was still no match for Mickey's wits. Deluding his opponent into thinking that his wheelchair is his only ability, Mickey surprised him with the sheer speed of his hand-seal casting and Mickey landed a wind jutsu right on his enemy which nearly cut him in two.

He was promoted to Chunin at the age of 13.

Chunin Arc, Human Success, Ninja Endurer:
Several of Mickey's friends and his entire family celebrated his promotion to Chunin. No one in Konohagakure believed that he would have made it this far. This was the happiest day in Mickey's life. Mickey learned several Fuuton jutsus, but mainly concentrated on training his ability with the wheelchair, mastering every aspect of it and exploring its mechanisms and possibilities. At the age of 15, he succeeded in completing his first B-rank mission by himself. He has also gained many more friends despite his disabilities. The human embodiment of success and enduring hardship, Mickey now sets himself to be a hero for those who have lost their way like he nearly did.

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Mickey the Incredible
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