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 Kasumi Kato

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PostSubject: Kasumi Kato   Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:05 am

Name: Kasumi Kato

Age: 17
Birthday: May 4th

Gender: Female

Rank: Chuunin

Village: Sunagakure (However, currently does not live in any one village for recon reasons)

Element: Water, Lightning

Specialilty: Interrogation

History: Kasumi, Comes from a clan that have long been part of the interrogation and torture squad in Suna. She was born into a happy family, with two brothers and a sister, all expected to carry on the shinobi legacy their family bears. Each child attended and graduated the academy in the usual fashion, not rustling any feathers, but all showing the exemplary skills that make their family stand out.
Continuing on the family legacy, Kasmui, built up her skills and became chuunin at the age of 12. After that, she began specialising in her own unique brand of interrogation jutsu and worked along side her family. As her skills grew, it became apparent that, Kasumi, has an affinity for elemental ninjutsu that made her unusal to the rest of her clan. She honed these skills further and this meant that she could perform in actual battle, instead of just behind the scenes, gaining intel.
Her inquisitive nature lead her to take on a spy role and travel around the five great nations under the guise of performing menial tasks for her village as a low skilled genin.
While she does not use her skills to simply extract information from anyone possible, it is her job to keep an eye on international relations and report back to Suna anything considered important.
Due to her chuunin rank and specialisation, Kasumi, is forbidden to enter into any combat situation at all. She must remain secretive and under-cover, only using her jutsu to extract information when there is no danger. She should only engage in combat when absolutely necessary, in order to protect herself.

Personality: Kasumi, is a quiet girl that likes to keep herself, to herself. She is the youngest of her siblings and the only one to leave the family compound in order to live a traveling lifestyle. She often returns home on a break from this as her family means a lot to her, and some of the only people that can help her hone her interrigation skills further. Although on the surface she seems like a perfectly likable, happy young woman, there is a darker side to her, one which she forces herself to keep locked away. As she grew up learning interrigation skills, she has often had to look into the mind of truly evil people and found herself shaken by the experience. It worries her what others may be planning, and she finds it hard to stop herself from delving into anyones thoughts. However, the Kato clan have their own personal code of ethics as their jutsu allows them to enter anothers mind so quickly and freely, that if performed by a skilled enough user, they can find out anything they want in a very short space of time, and they refuse to use it unjustified. Over time, her sanity is slowly slipping and she is starting to find it hard to hold onto. While she enjoys her travelling lifestyle, it may not be long before she finally snaps under the pressure and is forced to return home and work behind the scenes to protect her from herself, and stop her possibly hurting others.

RP Sample: Kasumi croutched down in the bushes, closely observing the two shady looking characters now entering the restaurant just across the road. They hadn't seen her. At least, that's what she was hoping. Was it too risky to go inside? To sit across from them and just listen to their conversation for a while. If anything sounded sneaky, she could easily use a jutsu. But, what if they had seen her earlier? Wondered why she was following them. She wasn't exactly inconspicuous, after all.
After some consideration, Kasumi smoothly emerged from the bushes, transformed into a young man. After a few steps, adjusting her walk to a less girly one, she approached the restaurant and entered, casually scanning the room for the two men. After seeing them, she smiled at the waitress and quickly made her way over to the table behind the two men, leaving a speechless waitress scurrying along behind her.  
After a few moments of listening intently to the suspicious males talking, her eyes widened in horror. They had noticed her.

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PostSubject: Re: Kasumi Kato   Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:26 am

hmm..I hope you're planning to make her crack. That would be interesting to watch Smile

Approved, under the condition that you stick to your own 'no combat' rule!
Self defence is fine, of course, but no acting like she's amazingly powerful and kills everyone. Run!

Have fun(and rp with me obviously since no-one else is here<3)!

Cross your fingers, hold your toes. We're all gonna die when the building blows.
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PostSubject: Re: Kasumi Kato   Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:27 am

Oh I'm sure she will at some point Very Happy Thank you very much! She will pretty much never fight..just sneak around and go crazy Smile

I'll start..join whenever!
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PostSubject: Re: Kasumi Kato   

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Kasumi Kato
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